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We have provided a breakdown of our Key Ts & Cs below - these should be read in conjunction with our Full Terms & Conditions document provided at the bottom of this page.


You may cancel your subscription at anytime by providing notice to us (either call, email or send a message online). No refunds will be provided for the unused portion of your subscription.

If you have signed up for an extended subscription term (three, six or 12 months) and you wish to cancel within this term, you must pay:

- the difference the subscription payments you would have been charged for the shorter subscription term and your subscription payments made (e.g. if you cancel 8 months into a 12 month subscription term, you will need to pay 8 x the 6 month subscription charge for your vehicle, less the subscription payments you have already made; and

- a cancellation fee of $250

Breakdown Cover

All subscriptions include 24/7 roadside assistance for vehicle breakdowns - note this does not include roadside assistance for accidents.

If the fault is found to be mechanical and not due to negligence - the costs to repair the vehicle is included as part of your monthly subscription cost.

For mechanical faults - where repairing the vehicle is likely to take greater than one working day to complete, we will provide you with an alternative vehicle/courtesy car while your vehicle is being repaired

Servicing & Maintenance

All servicing, and wear & tear maintenance is included as part of your subscription. We will work with you to direct you to an approved Snap Subscribe agent to complete work required in a way that causes the least convenience for you.

Where servicing/maintenance work is likely to take greater than one working day to complete, we will provide you with an alternative vehicle/courtesy car while your vehicle is being repaired

Additional Charges

In addition to your subscription plan, you agree to pay the following additional rates and fees should they be applicable:

  • Tolls - a toll processing fee of $25 per toll payment processed applies where your toll payment is not proactively managed by you as the subscriber

  • Additional KM Usage - Exceeding the monthly kilometer limits will result in an additional $0.50 per kilometer in excess of the limit being charged (calculated on vehicle return).

  • Infringement Notices - An administration fee of $50 will apply for each infringement notice requiring the transfer of liability from Snap Subscriber to the subscribe. Infringement notices include speeding tickets, parking tickets, bus lane infringements etc.

  • Smoking, Animals in Vehicle &/or Dirty Interior - a $300 fee will apply if the subscriber smokes in or around the vehicle, transports any animals (with the exception of guide dogs) in the vehicle, or returns the vehicle in an excessively dirty state. 

Warrant of Fitness & Registration

Your subscription vehicle's Warrant of Fitness/Certificate of Fitness and registration costs are included as part of your subscription. When your vehicle's WOF/COF or registration is about to expire, we will get in touch with you to arrange renewal. The following renewal options are available to you:

a.) Take the vehicle to a VTNZ convenient to you, mention you are a Snap Subscribe customer and they will keep you moving! Or;

b.) Drop your vehicle off at a Snap Subscribe location - we will then handle this process for you. We'll even give you a courtesy vehicle while we get your vehicle back on the road.

Road User Charges

All electric subscription vehicles are subject to our Road User Charges policy as of 01/04/2024. Customers must opt for one of the below kilometre packages on an accumulative basis (note: all prices quotes on this site include the standard kilometre package):

  • Low KM Package - $50 for a 625 kilometre allowance per month.

  • Standard KM Package - $100 for a 1250 kilometre allowance per month

  • High KM Package - $200 for a 2500 kilometre allowance per month

Customers may also purchase a one off top up of 1250kms for $100 at any time. 

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